When it comes to dining, the sky’s your limit, quite literally with Dinner in The Sky Malaysia. Deliveroo helped made this expression a reality for me when we were invited to enjoy a meal while being suspended in air at 45- 50 meters high.

The Belgian-based dining concept has made its way to South-east Asia, and was recently making a pit-stop in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, thrilling both daredevils from Malaysia and Singapore alike.

For a person who is scared to death of heights, the days leading up to the death-defying dinner were extremely excruciating and nerve-wracking!

I felt like I would pee in my skirt anytime while we were crossing the borders into Johor Bahru, right up to the 20-minute short drive to Satelite Clubhouse Puteri harbour, Iskandar Puteri.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining Experience

Upon reaching, we were greeted by bright lights and the all-terrain hydraulic crane that holds the table of 22 people – along with our fragile little lives – supported with just a few hardy cables.

We were ushered into a nicely furnished air conditioned marquee, which served as a waiting area before being led to our designated seat. You can place your orders for water, juices, red or white wine to go with your dinner – wines are sold by the bottle.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining ExperienceThe red carpeted floor makes you feel like a rockstar while you wait for your turn to be brought to your seat.

One by one we were walked to our seat and a safety inspector would then strapped us in and made sure we’re well fastened while having our meal. With puppy eyes, I begged him to keep me safe.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining ExperienceOur wine glasses were filled before the table was lifted into the sky, which thankfully helped to calm my nerves.

Before we know it, our legs were dangling in the air – I was trying hard not to swivel my chair to the left or right, nor look down to see how high we have ascended.

All I could feel was the breeze getting chilly and slight tucks from the cables holding our weights, otherwise the table was rather stable throughout the dinner.
Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining Experience

At 40 meters high, we were overlooking the beautifully lit harbour, vast open waters of the Straits of Johor, and a couple of mid constructed buildings.

This area could possibly become the next hype in Johor Bahru when it is more developed with new attractions and restaurants.

The magnificent view was complemented with a four course scrumptious dinner.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining ExperienceThe soup was light, creamy, and slightly sweet from the green pea, which had bits of the pods layering the walls of my mouth.

However, I was hoping for a stronger punch from the truffle cream, which fell short of my expectations, failing to permeate my taste buds.

The chefs prepare the plating of the foods right in the middle of the table, so you’d get first-hand views on what’s going on in the “open-concept kitchen”, except there are no stoves or open fires allowed, just plenty of fast plating actions; the actual cooking was done on land.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining ExperienceBaked Cod Fish, Red Pepper Chutney, Spinach, Horseradish Mash, Fresh Passion Fruit.

The cod was baked perfectly with a bouncy texture. Garnished with red pepper chutney and drizzled over with fresh passion fruit, the dish was refreshing and tasty. The horseradish mash was creamy to my liking, and spinach seasoned well with salt.

Other choices on the main course are the slow cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek, Gaufette Parmesan Polenta and Jus Viande; and Free Range Chicken Breast, Koffman’s Cabbage, Fondant Potato and Porchini Mushroom Sauce.


Both of which were polished up and wiped clean from the plates of those who ordered them, proving that they were equally delicious as the baked cod fish that I had.

Very quickly, we were on our fourth course of the meal. While watching the chefs assemble our desserts, I was feeling a little melancholy and hoped in my heart that we could prolong the dinner for a little longer.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining ExperienceCompleting the dinner is a non-alcoholic tiramisu, served with an interesting side of ‘cherry’. The petite ball is made with a crunchy cherry-flavored chocolate coating, filled with carbonated candy that fizzes and pops in your mouth. A true “cherry on top” a phenomenal dining experience.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia : A Death-Defying Dining ExperienceIf you are seeking for a little thrill and are most willing to risk your life for a meal, Dinner in the Sky Malaysia is a once in a lifetime experience worth going for. My only qualms about it is that the duration could be longer considering its price tag.

Need I mention that your Instagram and Snapchat posts will turn your friends green with envy?


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