RIMINI – The development process of Italian Exhibition Group, the trade show leader generated by the merger between Rimini Fiera and Fiera di Vicenza, as well as world ambassador of “Italian Beautiful and Well Done”, has now set down roots in China.

This morning, at the start of the big marketplace dedicated to the tourist industry with the TTG Incontri, Sia Guest and Sun international Shows, the  joint venture was signed between IEG and VNU Exhibitions Asia to  set up EAGLE (Europe Asia Global Link Exhibitions).

The agreement was signed by Ton Otten, Chairman of VNU Exhibitions Asia and Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of Italian Exhibition Group.

EAGLE is bound to create new business opportunities in China and, more generally, in the Far East, all to the advantage of top Italian companies.

Exactly one month ago, 2017 already witnessed a preview with the Chengdu Travel Trade Market Business Forum 2017. The joint venture will define and implement an initial business plan to create new trade show products in the tourism and wellness sectors and then go on to extend the range to initiatives aimed at the circular economy. EAGLE’s board will consist of four directors, two from IEG: the Chairman, Corrado Facco, and one Director, Emanuele Guido.

Two events have already been set: Shanghai World Travel Fair (19th -22nd April 2018) for Eastern China; Travel Trade Market (TTM), a B2B show for the world tourist industry, from 14th to 16th September 2018 at Chengdu, in Western China.

“We have punctually seized this valuable opportunity,” says Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of Italian Exhibition Group, “of having a prestigious partnership that involves two leading European players. We have launched the new trade show project in an area on the globe where extraordinary progress is underway in terms of the demand for holidays to Europe, Italy first of all.”

“With this joint venture,” continues Ton Otten, Chairman of VNU Exhibitions Asia, “we are bringing with us the wealth of our twenty-year experience in organizing trade show events on an international level and for the Chinese market. It is vital to have a strong connection in order to syntonize with the Asian market. One belt, one road, or rather, the New Silk Route, is the Chinese government’s strategy in this historic moment and we intend to follow it. We are delighted to support IEG along its road to internationalization. I’m sure it will be a success.”

“The decision to set up a joint venture with VNU Exhibitions ASIA,” says Corrado Facco, Chairman of EAGLE and Managing Director of IEG, “is strategic since it is a fast developing organization in the Far East. Italian companies will be able to take advantage of an extraordinary internationalization opportunity for their business and our Group will have the chance to position its own brands in a strategic area on the Planet.”

The initiative strengthens IEG’s priority asset, internationalization, already well positioned on the international market especially with a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates and participations in USA, India and South America.


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