Passengers look at the Airport Departure Screens at T3, IGI Airport. 

As festivals approach, so do the woes of making last-minute travel plans. From flight bookings to hotel reservations, travel plans are best made in advance. Having said that, it may not always be possible to plan a trip early, or when you are in a financially comfortable position. A sudden social or family gathering, or an unexpected holiday can call for a spontaneous trip. And this may turn out to be financially challenging if you don’t have disposable funds.

Here are a few hacks that can help you travel at the last minute a little more cost-effectively.

Travel on the day of the festival

Most people try to reach home/travel destinations the day before the festival or the weekend before. Ticket rates are typically high on these days because of the rush. So try booking your travel tickets on the day of the festival to get them for cheaper. Also avoid flying in to major cities on Monday mornings and flying out on Friday evenings as the rush of business travelers at those times causes a spike in the rates. Sign up for price drop notifications with flight aggregators search engines to get information you can use.

Use flight map apps to pick cheaper destinations

Use flight map apps to compare flight rates to airports near your destination. It might be cost-effective to fly to an airport a few hours away from the location and then rent a cab from there. If you haven’t set your mind on a specific destination, you can key in the kind of destination you are interested in such as ‘a beach destination’, and then look for flights to the most economical locale.


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