President Donald Trump issued an executive order over the weekend that restricts travel to the US from more countries than any of the travel bans that have come before it, effectively banning almost all travel from eight countries — six of which have majority Muslim populations — indefinitely.

Come October 18, nationals of Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Somalia, and North Korea will be more or less barred entry to the United States. Each nation under this ban is subject to its own travel restrictions, but the order overwhelmingly bars tourists, families of American residents, and even those seeking medical visas from entering the United States. Those who already have permanent residency or already hold visas are exempted from the ban — but cannot renew their visas after they expire. And now the Supreme Court has canceled oral arguments against the travel ban, until both sides file new briefs on the impact this permanent policy would have.

Refugee applicants, while not included in the scope of this executive order, will be capped at 45,000 next year, according to a report from the administration submitted to Congress. With the 120-day refugee ban coming to an end soon, this new directive is a striking change from the Obama administration, which had a goal of resettling more than 110,000 refugees.

With Trump’s revised March travel ban now expired, this new order will stay in place until the named countries work to meet certain baseline security requirements set by the Department of Homeland Security — metrics that could be unattainable for countries without the proper technological advancements.

It appears as though the Trump administration may have learned from past travel ban unveilings with the rollout of this order, and there will likely be less chaos at airports — where the administration’s first attempts at a travel ban fell into mayhem in February. But the impact of this order is more permanent than past iterations, and a clear reassertion of Trump’s intent to keep large swaths of the world out of the United States.

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